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    Carmen Arquelladas is an international performer and artist who has been working in theatre companies for more than 18 years as co-director, actress, deviser, physical theatre maker and designer for both costume and set. She has a Masters and a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, Spain, and also studied with renowned clown and bouffon teacher, Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France; as well as John Wright, Aitor Basauri (Spymonkey), Nola Rae, Eric Davis (Red Bastard), Peta Lily and Michael Gellman among others.
    Starting out with El Laboratorio in Spain, she designed set, costumes and makeup and played a key role in devising and performing in a variety of their shows touring around the world. Currently, Carmen is based in the UK, where she is the Co-founder and Creative Director ofthe award winning theatre company Teatro Pomodoro that created 
Cabaret from the Shadows, which receivedan award
at Brighton Fringe 2017. 
Carmen works in collaborating with international artists
and companies on projects ranging from theatre,
outdoor events, youth projects and cabaret, including
the PeriplumWalk the Plank, 
Theatre PortoLantern Company
The Kazimier, Goofus Theatre, Wild Rumpus and
Artemis Productions
among others.

She has worked in the Wardrobe department of KOOZA by
Cirque du Soleil and made costumes for the West End
"Potted Panto" among others.
She is as well the Designer for Teatro Pomodoro.

   Carmen also was Movement Lecturer in the
University of Chester and has worked as logistics organizer
and project manager for INCA UK who works with international
roups and cooperations. Other credits include,  T-mesis Theatre (Costumes),  Ship of Fools Theatre Company, Guity Pleasures, The Eggpeople, British Learning Academy, Blitzfood (Piski Films), as well as being resident performer on Pullmantour Cruise ships.

   Carmen is full of creative knowledge and an extremely versatile performer and creator.

"Mother Mary (Carmen Arquelladas) accedes to the request and finds herself popping in and out of a myriad of parts with great dexterity and physical suppleness"  

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Carmen Arquelladas
Carmen Arquelladas
Carmen Arquelladas
Carmen Arquelladas
Carmen Arquelladas
Carmen Arquelladas
Carmen Arquelladas

"Arquelladas’ wonderful fluid mobility..."

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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